Reintroducing Alyssa Chappell Photography

Hello everyone, I would LOVE to reintroduce Alyssa Chappell Photography. My name is Alyssa Chappell and I am the proud owner of Alyssa Chappell Photography. I am a photographer guilty of having a blog and finding other things to do besides blogging. 😉 Sometimes life gets busy and well honestly in the world of photography blogging is not where I want to spend my time. However, I LOVE what I do and I want to share it with ALL of you. I am on a journey to find a happy medium. This afternoon I joined a FEEL GOOD Blogging Challenge with Alex Beadon that includes blogging for the next seven days. I am always up for a challenge so at the end of this 7 days I hope to find a love and understanding for blogging about my senior photography business.

FEEL GOOD Blogging Challenge, Day #1

So who is the girl behind the camera at Alyssa Chappell Photography? This girl is happily married to a wonderful man named Scott for the past 16 years. He is my soul mate. Ever wonder if such a thing exists….it does. I can prove it! 🙂 We have been blessed with two smart, beautiful, and AWESOME daughters, Arielle (17) and Sadie(12). We live in a small town and I absolutely LOVE that.  In my spare time, you can find me exercising, reading, cooking (and eating), watching FRIENDS or romantic comedies with a musical number for no apparent reason(I’m a sucker for a happy ending) or just enjoying the company of family and friends. I am the girl who loves to use excessive CAPITALIZATION, adds extra punctuation and emojis 😉 to everything I type, hope you don’t mind!!!!

Over the past year, I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my photography business. I have worked hard on the business side as well as the photography side. I have taken classes to help me grow as a photographer so that I can offer my clients the BEST senior session. Just recently, I have had the AMAZING honor of being recognized on the list of photographers who shot the HOT 100 images of 2014 by category for Senior Style Guide in the SOOC (Straight out of Camera) category, I also am Proud to say that I made the list of the 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2014 from Modern Teen Style! I am humbled and amazed by both of these wonderful honors! I vow to continue working hard and make 2015 even better! I am going to continue pushing myself as a photographer and use this website as an outlet to showcase each one of my seniors. I have been a slacker in that area. I apologize. I want to CHANGE that. I want my website to be a place that my seniors and families are proud to share their experience with friends and family. I  also want my website be an informative place for people to come and see what an amazing senior experience you will have with Alyssa Chappell Photography.

When you visit Alyssa Chappell Photography, I want you to see what I see, all my clients Radiating their True Beauty. I also want you to contact me for you Teen/Senior session because no other photographer will do!


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